Be a Bake Sale BOSS!


You don’t have to be a professional baker to create cookies that fly off the table! In fact, you just need a few supplies and a theme!

The first time I was asked to bring a baked good to my kid’s classroom, I had no idea what to bring. Sure, I could go to the store and buy something, but as a creative person, I thought I’d try to come up with something on my own.

Extra large sugar cookies, Royal Icing, food color, some fun sugar eyes & edible monster toppers are all it takes to thrill. The imperfections in a home baked and decorated treat only add to the appeal.

I really like using Betty Crocker’s Sugar Cookie mix, because it works very well for cutout cookies.

If you don’t have an oversized circle cookie cutter, you can use a large glass. I recommend flouring the edges beforehand to avoid the glass sticking to the cookie dough.


Cool your cookies on a large sheet pf wax paper. It keeps them from sticking.

Once cookies are completely cool, you can ice away! I recommend mixing up your Royal Icing colors at this point, to avoid color separation. Many baking supply stores sell small reusable icing containers that work great controlling the amount of icing that comes out.

Let your icing dry completely (usually 2 hours). Then you can place them in containers between wax paper layers to avoid sticking for transport.



Outline the cookie first, wait until that dries, then fill the center and use toothpicks to gently spread to edges. Add the sugar eyes and other decorations before the icing sets.

To avoid cookies getting stale, and to keep them sanitary, you can purchase clear treat bags with twist ties at Target, Walmart of baking supply stores. This is great for Bake Sales and class parties.

Rudolph Reindeer Cookies:

So simple! I used double stuffed Oreos, dipped in melted Wilton chocolate. Using toothpicks, I added candy eyes, red hot’s for Rudolph’s nose, and pretzel’s for horns. It’s a great combination of flavors.

As a final step, add a colorful charger for an eye catching display that’s sure to please!

Happy Baking!